Second Generation Project - Kazakhstan

As part of ENKA’s commitment, with its joint venture partner Bechtel, in the Tengiz Oil Field, the SecondGeneration Project (SGP) is set to be the world's largest single-train sour crude processing facilitystretching over a kilometer and covering an area of 264,000 sqm. SGP production facilities are designedto collect and process well fluids to produce stabilized crude oil, saleable gas and elemental sulfur.Conditions in Tengiz, where the temperatures can vary from 36°C to -40°C.

  • Total Project Value : US$ 3 billion
  • Location : Kazakhstan
  • Application : Oil & Gas
  • Operator : Tenghizchevroil
  • EPC Contractor : PFD - UK / SYDTOP - Sweden
  • AHIC Services/Solutions : Design Validation, Supply of HVAC and E&I equipment & Site services
  • Year : 2005-2008