Yamal LNG plant -Russia

The South Tambey field LNG Plant project in Yamal peninsula is one of the largest industrial undertakings in the Arctic to develop one of the world’s biggest liquefied natural gas projects. Project is based in the estuary of the Ob River which is ice-bound nine months of the year. Estimated project cost $27 Billion.

AHIC Services /Solutions: Integrated HVAC - E&I Solution, Safe & Hazardous area HVAC design and Extreme cold climate experience, Expertise in Modular building & Russian standards.

  • Total Project Value : US$ 27 billion (Estm.)
  • Location : Yamaal peninsula -Russia Application : LNG
  • Application : LNG
  • Operator :
  • EPC Contractor : YAMGAZ a consortium of –Technip France,Japan gas corp,Chiyoda corp
  • AHIC Services/Solutions : Detailed Engineering # 52 Modules(including 3Dmodelling),Procurement & delivery,Certifications & permits ,Site services
  • Year : 2014