Distribution agreement signed between AHIC and Toshiba Airconditioning for South Africa


AHI Carrier South Africa (Pty) Ltd. has made a very well established name in the HVAC industry in South Africa and neighbouring countries, distributing the latest technology and advanced HVAC air conditioning solutions for the Commercial and Industrial segment.

AHIC announced their official release of Toshiba airconditioning distribution to the public in October 2016, by means of three launches held in Johannesburg (11 October 2016), Durban (12 October 2016) and Cape Town (13 October 2016). Toshiba introduced the latest SHRM-e and SMMS-e Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system to the contracting and consultancy fraternities through the launches.

The events attended by Mr. Jean Francois Hendrickx (Toshiba Sales and Marketing Director, Toshiba EMEA), Martin Crute (Senior Engineer, Toshiba EMEA), Yuji Nishi (Sales Manager, TCTC Global Sales), Ravi Hedge (GM, AHI Carrier Fzc) and Scott Meikle (MD, AHI Carrier South Africa) assured the guests that Toshiba S.A. will have all the international support which they require to make Toshiba a success in South Africa.

Toshiba is one among the top air conditioning brands for light commercial and residential applications. The high-end products that are produced in Japan are equipped with the latest technology and exceptional back-office support from the Factory.

As described by Mr. Meikle at Johannesburg launch, the release of Toshiba range of airconditioners is “the latest feather-in-the-cap” for AHI Carrier South Africa. With the addition of Toshiba residential product line, AHI Carrier South Africa is now able to increase their footprint through the region for both companies.