AHI Carrier Introduces Next Generation Toshiba VRF Technology in Kuwait


AHI Carrier FZC and Carrier Kuwait presented industry leading Toshiba VRF solutions at their customer event at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel in Kuwait. Toshiba VRF and direct expansion solutions are available through AHI Carrier in 96 countries.

Toshiba’s SMMS-e modular VRF solutions are built on a long and proud legacy of commitment to end user comfort, energy efficiency and customer trust. Designed for efficient and trouble free operation in T3 ambient conditions, SMMS-e VRF are available in single modules of 16 TR (20 HP) which combine to give higher capacities, and find extensive use in residential and commercial applications.

Syed Jafar Imam, Deputy General Manager, Residential and Light Commercial (RLC), Middle East & Africa and lead presenter at the customer event said, “Governments in the GCC region have been the undisputed global leaders in promoting energy efficiency and sustainable development.

For last twenty years, AHI Carrier FZC has been a trusted source of energy efficient and technologically advanced comfort solutions in the region. The SMMS-e VRF from Toshiba is another such market leading example.”

The Toshiba SMMS-e VRF comes standard with a global first – The new Wave Tool technology that facilitates remote performance monitoring, testing and commissioning through a mobile device, easily connected to the VRF unit through NFC technology. The Wave Tool technology negates the need for additional cabling, computers and specialized training, otherwise required for accessing system information. The tool works even under power failure or service maintenance shutdown and allows the sharing of product data, system data, code history and test operation results with remote locations through email.

SMMS-e machines use cutting edge DC Twin Rotary Inverter technology with Infinity variable control. The units feature advanced variable heat exchanger technology which increases operational efficiency and reduces operating costs by enabling the system to smart select the most efficient heat exchanger size based on cooling load. Toshiba SMMS-e VRF units offer several other market leading features such as maximum piping lengths of up to 1 kilometer, maximum drops of up to 90m, precise refrigerant control, dependable back-up and rotational operation and advanced new blade design.

The highly interactive event was attended by more than160 institutional customers, consultants and dealers. Jameel Sabbagh, General Manager, Carrier Kuwait said, “We are proud to launch the Toshiba VRF Series in Kuwait where efficiency at high ambient temperatures is a critical to our customers.“ Toshiba is the trusted brand for VRF and residential and light commercial air conditioning in the region and the audience appreciated the cutting edge technology and features ensuring operational ease and mobility in the comprehensive Toshiba range.