Executive sponsor of Yamal LNG Project accompanied by delegates from Technip-France visit AHI Carrier OGP

Mr. Aubry along with Mr. Rizvi flanked by Technip delegates and senior members from AHI Carrier

Mr Jean-Marc Aubry (Yamal LNG Project - Executive Sponsor) visited AHI Carrier, Oil and Gas Projects office on Monday
12th September, as part of our Sponsor’s meeting and project update. Mr Aubry is the Technip representative for the Executive Committee of the overall Yamal LNG project delivery team.

The visit of Mr Aubry was of particular significance as the Yamal LNG project phase 1 scope, consisting of 31 pre-assembled modules, has now been substantially delivered to the final site location in Sabetta, in the Northern arctic region of Russia. The documentation approvals are almost completed for phase 1 and the design activities for phases 2 and 3 are well underway.

The main focus for AHI Carrier shall be the support of the site HVAC and associated control system activities, to provide expertise and assurance during the installation and commissioning stages, and support the Yamgaz consortium during the final handover to the Yamal LNG operations team, ensuring a successful outcome for all stakeholders.


Mr. Aubry sharing a light moment with Iain Hill, Head Operations – OGP (AHI Carrier)

The contract for the Yamal LNG project was awarded to AHI Carrier during 2014, by Yamgaz - a consortium of Technip-France, JGC-Japan and Chiyoda-Japan, the EPC contractors for the project. Yamal is a permafrost region situated above the Arctic Circle, where the temperatures can drop to minus 50 degree Celsius. It is a massive project with many technical and logistical challenges.  The site of Yamal LNG complex can be ice bound for nearly nine months in a year and due to the unfavourable conditions at site, the majority of the buildings are a modular construction design, with the utilities pre-installed and commissioned at the construction yards in the Far East and then transported to the Yamal site location using ice-breaker class vessels and transportation sea barges.

The AHI Carrier's scope of delivery for the full HVAC and control system includes detailed engineering (including Russian Design Institute approvals), 3-D modelling, equipment supply, full Russian certification, and support services for installation supervision and commissioning assistance for 55 process and utility buildings.